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Partnering with Innovators to bring LBP Therapies to Life

Since 2009, we have been developing processes and gaining unparalleled experience with live biotherapeutic products (LBPs), so that today Arranta Bio is delivering on its vision to be the leading, best-in-class microbiome contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO).

Arranta is more than a CDMO; we are a strategic partner, teaming up with innovators, aligning ourselves with their vision to unlock the potential of the microbiome, and bringing their therapies from lab to market. We support early clinical supply through to commercial manufacturing with an unparalleled commitment to build and operate the capacity needed to support this sector.  

Whether you are just starting out or encountering challenges unlocking the potential of your product, Arranta has the scientific expertise to bring your LBP products to life.

  • Aerobes, obligate and facultative anaerobes, and spore formers
  • Single-strain products, consortium, and genetically modified organisms
  • actALIVETM Fast-to-Clinic Program
  • ALIVE Biotherapeutic ProductsTM manufacturing platform

Arranta is your partner for every step of the journey, whether your company is new to the sector, been a pioneer for some time, or a large biopharma company with an interest in the potential of the microbiome to improve healthcare.

  • Analytical Development, Qualification, and Validation
  • Fermentation and Lyophilization Development
  • Drug Product Formulation and Process Development
  • Process Characterization and Performance Qualification
  • Pre-clinical, Clinical, and Commercial Manufacturing
    • Cell Banks
    • GMP Drug Substance
    • GMP Drug Product

Our capacity has been built specifically for LBP Manufacturing…and it’s available now.

  • Anaerobic processing from thaw through drug product
  • Low humidity processing from drying through packaging
  • Purpose-built facilities for LBP (BSL1/BSL2) cGMP Manufacturing in compliance with:
    • FDA Code of Federal Regulations (Part 21)
    • ICH Guidelines

    We understand it’s about more than just having capacity. Our team members are Arranta’s greatest strength.

    Quality is at the center of everything we do.

    • Robust phase-appropriate Quality Management System in place
    • Best-in-class Quality IT Systems in place
    • We offer regulatory support to help you submit your products for licensure and to take them through the regulatory path to approval.


    years of expertise


    species produced


    sq feet of facilities

    actALIVETM Program enabled by ALIVE Biotherapeutic ProductsTM

    Our actALIVE™ Fast-to-Clinic Program delivers high-yielding, high-viability LBPs for clinical trial use in an accelerated timeline based on Arranta’s ALIVE Biotherapeutic Products™ manufacturing platform. It leverages 12+ years of research and development, know-how, and expertise with aerobic, anaerobic, and spore-forming organisms, and has already supported over 20 LBP products’ entry into the clinic. 



    Accelerated development


    Long-lasting stability


    Immediate release & recovery


    Viable, high activity


    Efficient, scalable process

    Marvelous Microbiome™

    There has never been a greater acceleration in scientific understanding of gut microbiota and the linkage to diseases that exist today. Arranta Bio is proud to serve pioneering innovators on this exciting healthcare frontier.

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