Arranta Bio Announces Pledge to Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability with CSR Program

Arranta Bio recently announced the launch of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, Arranta Bio Cares, and appointed Susan Surabian as the initiative’s leader. 

As a champion of diversity and inclusion from its inception, the company’s CSR program will continue to prioritize efforts promoting Arranta Bio Cares’ core pillars. Firstly, the company is striving for a welcoming, diverse culture that fosters racial, social and gender equality. Next, we are strengthening local communities in MA and FL by encouraging employees to volunteer and donate. Finally, we encourage choosing vendors and partners that align with the company’s vision for sustainability.  

Mark Bamforth, President and CEO at Arranta said “It is too easy to feel helpless in the face of systemic racism and disparity in our society. As a result, it is vital that every organization commits to tack these issues by opening doors for those from minority and disadvantaged communities to forge a fulfilling, life-long career in the life sciences. We are committed to living the values that will make a meaningful, sustained change at Arranta.”

CSR Program Leadership

As an early leader of community outreach and advocate of inclusion at Arranta Bio, Susan was a natural choice to lead the CSR Program, Arranta Bio Cares. Susan’s beliefs extend past her workplace and permeate every facet of her life. 

“Without a parallel evolution of each individuals’ responsible behaviors, CSR program  corporate strategies cannot be a reality,” Susan said. “For the last 10 years, I’ve focused on community outreach and volunteering with a goal to spread kindness and equality with steady perseverance. I’ve practiced this in a variety of ways: Firstly, I am antiracist and stand up for diversity and inclusion by participating in events, signing petitions, and partnering with school systems; Secondly, I focus on protecting our environment by purchasing sustainable products, clothing, and cutting back on personal waste. Finally, I choose organic foods and partner with organizations that can both make an impact and educate others about how our food choices affect our bodies and planet.” 

Susan believes that consistency in the workplace and in employees’ everyday lives is key to improving the future of the life sciences industry and beyond.

Arranta has donated to local pantries and community help organizations through the pandemic, supported STEM education organizations in FL and MA, and worked with Life Science Cares and Year Up to make an impact in our communities. 

An employee-led advocacy team is assisting Susan in planning, community outreach, and diversity and inclusion activities. Arranta Bio Cares will have additional executive support from Lana Gladstein, Chief Legal Officer and general counsel. 

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