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Diversity & Inclusion

Arranta Bio is dedicated to celebrating diversity within the company. We hold ourselves to high standards ensuring that our internal and external processes follow our diversity mission.

In addition to choosing vendors who align with our mission and vision, we also work internally to partner with organizations to allow us to have an impact on the lives around us and provide employment opportunities across socioeconomic boundaries.  We also celebrate being an equal opportunity employer, bringing together different cultures and ethnicities to support our mission in becoming the best in class CDMO.

We can be paralyzed by the challenges, and divisions in our society. We can feel overwhelmed until we recognize that there are many actions we can take to make a difference. It’s our duty to open doors, support those of color and from diverse backgrounds to pursue a fulfilling career in life sciences. Let’s take those steps together.

Mark R. Bamforth

Founder, President & CEO


Arranta Bio is a model corporate citizen through a welcoming, diverse culture that promotes racial, social and gender equality. We believe in making our community stronger through employee volunteering and giving back.


Arranta Bio will pursue this vision by ensuring that:

We bridge the opportunity gap by engaging in our communities to encourage minorities and under-privileged individuals to pursue careers in life sciences. Our hiring practices encourage diversity.
We seek opportunities to make our communities stronger by supporting community charities through volunteering and giving back.
Through other practices, such as vendor selection, we encourage diversity and environmental sustainability.

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